Saturday, July 28, 2007

Hard rock and Weddings

Well after some terrible weather and not much else to do but train in the Climbing Works - at last a perfect day. Today I had arranged to meet up with the Hard Rock Challenge boys who are currently traveling around the UK trying to climb all the routes in the book 'Hard Rock', in 5 weeks.

As a North Face Athlete and TNF sponsoring the event, I went along to join them for a pitch at Stoney Middleton. They arrived after already doing a route at Chee Dale and after the route they were heading to Cubar, Froggat and Stanage to complete the Peak District section. Hard Core, never mind hard rock challenge.

Push on boys - may the weather be with you!

Tomorrow sees the 5th wedding of the year - my good friends Dylan and Lucy. Hopefully the weather will stay good for them also.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Blog up and running!

Hi there,

Well I have finally begun to rewrite my website and set up a blog now I'm a full time climber again! Yipeee

Thanks to my sponsors and loving support of my fiancee I have been able to leave the world of full time work and begin training and devoting time to my climbing again.

Over the last couple of years I have had a hectic teaching job which saw my squeeze a few routes in outside - notably E7 6c Kaluza Klein and bouldering Font 7b+ out in Switzerland. So if it ever stops raining I will be able to get out and try some of the routes on mmy tick list.

Watch this space!